Taylor is a wife and mama to two precious boys. She is a functional medicine provider and board-certified family nurse practitioner with a passion for health and a heart for helping others. ⁠

Taylor owns a private practice in Texas. While Taylor is not currently taking on new patients, she is passionate about supporting her community via her Instagram and Blog. Additionally, she offers a comprehensive online gut program called Get Your Gut Right. It encompasses everything from stress to nutrition, detox, and more!  

It is Taylor’s joy and honor to support others such as you on the journey toward better health. 

Meet Taylor Dukes

Taylor loves to educate, equip and empower from a root cause perspective

Taylor's Story

Long before Taylor was a functional medicine practitioner, she was sick…very sick. Through comprehensive testing and a holistic approach to health, Taylor and her practitioner were able to piece together much of the puzzle behind why her health was suffering. Using diet, lifestyle, supplementation and other changes, Taylor’s health was restored. Functional medicine changed her life, which led her to making it both her career and calling. She had the opportunity to work as a nurse for Dr. Amy Myers, two-time New York Times best-selling author and MD from 2014-2017.

Long before Taylor was a functional medicine practitioner, she was sick

In September 2022, Taylor’s world was turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Thankfully, through natural treatments, and by God's grace  she was able to shrink it in half before surgery. She had surgery to remove it in February 2023 and continues to be on a healing journey since. She is taking an integrative oncology approach, and she is astounded at how God is turning her trial into her testimony. 

In September 2022, Taylor was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

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Although we are not currently taking on new clients, we are passionate about educating, equipping and empowering our community to improve their health in any way we can.

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