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Welcome to Wellness™ on a whole new level! As a TDW Community member, you will join me, my TDW team, and a community of like-minded people to learn like never before through exclusive content, live Q&As and more. This space is for everyone and anyone interested in or already living a healthy lifestyle. 

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Functional Medicine Expertise: Access to myself and my TDW team to ask wellness questions. And even get real-time personalized insights during live monthly Q&As!

Access to Digital Library: Learn about health topics from our portal of content on detoxing, parasite cleansing, blood sugar balancing and more. We won’t share this content anywhere else and are always adding more.

Community Support: Engage with fellow wellness warriors to support and motivate each other through our private Facebook group.

TDW Shop VIP: Get the inside scoop on new TDW products and promotions.

Lab Testing: Get the best of functional medicine lab testing at special prices, including complete blood work panel, stool test, food sensitivity testing, nutrient testing, Vibrant Total Tox Burden and more. Book consults to review results with a Functional Medicine NP or Nutritional Therapy Practitioner/ Integrative Health Coach. 

Exclusive Membership Perks

Access Anytime

Gain instant access to the member portal, Facebook group and digital wellness resources.

Get answers to your questions in real time via monthly Zoom calls with Taylor.

Live Q&As

Access to lab testing most traditional doctors won’t order along with 1:1 consultations. 

Lab Testing & Consults

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“This community has been a wealth of knowledge…the value is way beyond the monthly membership cost. Thank you for providing this space and community to ask questions and get answers and support!”

Emmy C.

“I seriously love everything about being a part of the TDW Community!!! But I love most the love & support, the shared wealth of knowledge from the team, awesome products, monthly live calls, connect calls, recipes, like-minded people.”

Tina R.

“The education on lifestyle prevention and awareness around alternative health options that are available and successful is so helpful in navigating chronic illness.”

Beca P.


Hear from TDW Community Members


Who is this for?

Anyone and everyone interested in wellness. 
- Whether you’re in the early stages to a better lifestyle or you’ve been a wellness warrior for a while, this group is for you.
- Those who need a place to ask questions and get answers from a functional medicine provider.
- Those who want a supportive community while trying to live a healthier lifestyle.
- Those who want to connect with Taylor Dukes and others on wellness. 

What is the price?

The TDW Community Membership is $39 per month. Discounts are available for those who pay for half a year or annual memberships in advance: 6-month subscriptions are 10% off and 12-month subscriptions are 20% off!

What content is in the digital library? 

Some topics we have lined up are healthy habits, parasite cleansing, liver flushes, detoxing and so many others! We are always covering more health topics, so there is always something new to learn.

Do I need to have a Facebook to join?

No! All TDW Community content is uploaded to a digital library in our member portal. Members can interact with each other through our private Facebook group, but this is just a perk of membership – a Facebook account is not required to reap the benefits of TDW Community.

How will I receive my invite to the group once I sign up?

You will automatically receive an email with an invitation to the group after you purchase. Keep an eye out on your inbox! 

Is the lab testing included in the membership fee?

Your TDW Community Membership gets you exclusive access to the lab testing, but the lab work and consults are optional and an additional fee.

What specific lab tests will be offered?

  • TDW Blood Work Panel  
  • GI-MAP Stool Test
  • IgG Food MAP test with Candida + Yeast
  • DUTCH Adrenal Test
  • Vibrant Total Tox Burden
  • Genova Metabolomix Nutritional Assessment